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Doc Upset At Unacceptable Lack Of Execution

Doc's tirade was completely understandable. I'm sure many of us have wanted to yell some sense into these guys from time to time.

Celts done in by bad Rap -

So sure, you could say Rivers was — and still is — ticked off. "Awful," he said, just starting to build steam. "I was really frustrated with our execution. We couldn’t run a play out of a timeout. That’s focus, or something. We have to fix that, because we’ve been playing too well to go back down this road again. We’ve worked out all of our kinks, and then in the last couple of games it’s come back out of nowhere. It’s part of coaching. It shouldn’t be, but you just have to keep finding the right button. "And it’s everybody. Everybody keeps getting frustrated with each other. Two guys knew the play, one guy didn’t, and it drains energy. Not being a professional drains energy. Being a professional is knowing every set you run, knowing your rotations. Because it’s draining for the pros who know, who do the work. "I’ll use Mickael Pietrus as an example. He’s been here the least amount of time, and he knows every single rotation and every single set because he’s a pro. It’s just unacceptable."

Whoever it was that missed the play (Chris Wilcox and JaJuan Johnson are mentioned in the article as getting the bulk of his timeout tirade) should be benched until they can demonstrate that they know all the plays.

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