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View From The Other Side: Blog-a-Bull Previews Today's Game

I'm sure the CB preview will be along shortly, but for kicks and giggles, here's what the Bulls fans think of today's matchup.

Bulls at Boston Celtics: Game Preview #30 - Blog a Bull

Finally, we get to play a decent team. We haven't had a game against a team over .500 in more than a week (5 games to be exact), and we've taken advantage of it by setting an NBA record with four straight 20+ point road wins. The blowouts have been nice, but not exactly fun to watch. I will definitely take this back if we win by 20+ at Boston. We've lost our last 4 games against playoff caliber teams (@Philly, @Miami, Indiana, and @Memphis) and are 5-5 overall against teams above .500 this year. This shouldn't be concerning with the high level we've been playing at, but it's just something to think about. One of those wins did come against the struggling Celtics in mid January though, led by Luol "Luolstar?" Deng's 21 points and 16 rebounds. Derrick Rose wouldn't commit as to whether or not he would play tomorrow, but I'm going to guess he'll be out there. I think we can all agree that seeing Rose destroy Rondo and in the process lead us to victory over Boston (which would secure Thibs coaching the All-Star team) on national TV would be the best Sunday afternoon.

In case you missed it, the Bulls fans really, really don't like Rondo. I think it dates back to him slapping their overrated center and throwing their overrated guard into a table a few years back ...or something like that.

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