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Linning Streak Continues: Knicks Keep Rolling

The Linsanity continues as the Knicks have won 5 straight with Jeremy Lin at the lead. But even the great Lin Dynasty has to get tired at some point.

Linning Streak: Knicks Down Wolves For Fifth Straight, 100-98 -

On Saturday night, Jeremy Lin made not only his fifth career start, but his fifth start in seven days. Just one night after putting up 38 points in a showcase victory over the Los Angeles Lakers at the Garden, Lin and his New York Knicks teammates had to play an away game against the Minnesota Timberwolves. While Lin was not at his best, he led his team in minutes with 39 and hit a game-clinching free throw to give the Knicks a 100-98 victory. He was solid in the first half, putting up 15 points, but he appeared to tire in the second half. Lin finished with 20 points on the night on a below average 8-24 shooting. He was 0-3 from behind the arc. Lin did well to provide for his teammates once again with eight assists, but also turned the ball over six times. The T'Wolves did a good job in the second half of stopping him from driving to his right and forcing him to his left, where he isn't nearly as strong. Both teams looked absolutely gassed in the fourth quarter, so Lin's struggles were understandable; the Timberwolves scored just 11 points in the fourth.

Don't look now, but the Knicks are right there behind us in the standings. As fun as it is to watch Lin, they are still our division rivals.

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