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Rajon Rondo Answers The Critics, Defeats The Bulls

I was going to say that Rajon Rondo gave his best Derrick Rose imitation but that's not accurate. He was at his best tonight because he was aggressive and attacking. Looking for his shot as well as his teammates. This is the best of Rajon Rondo. When he plays like that, there's no stopping him. All of which is why I think trading him for anything other than a clear upgrade would be foolish.

I suppose it is nights like this that set the bar for him so high. People know he's capable of this and get frustrated when he doesn't reach these levels. But I'll take a few off nights in exchange for days like today (with a bunch of average but still facilitating nights on other days). But maybe that's just me. Don't trade this guy.

  • Nice to see Good Wilcox show up tonight!
  • Nice to see a solid game by JaJuan Johnson too. Doc will have to give him more time if he keeps performing.
  • Jermaine who? (just kidding, we need all the help we can get)
  • CJ Watson was the one doing his best Rose imitation. Hats off to him.
  • Rondo even hit his end of game free throws! Still giddy about him.
Nice win to cure what ails you.

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