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JaJuan Johnson is Coachable

I hate to keep throwing Glen Davis under the bus because I actually kind of liked him. But he's such a perfect example of how not to take criticism. So with that backdrop, consider JaJuan Johnson's words in regard to the harsh tone Doc took with him the other day.

JaJuan Johnson chips in during 4th quarter - The Boston Globe

"But I wouldn’t expect it any other way,’’ Johnson said of Rivers’s criticism. "Throughout my whole basketball career, I’ve always had a coach that was tough. And I like it. It does nothing but motivate you. "I know some people, they get yelled at they kind of get down. Me, it just makes me focus a little bit more and get locked in. So I have no problem with a coach yelling at me or telling me different things. It does nothing but help. "Just reminded me of my college coach yelling. But it needed to be done, we weren’t doing what we were supposed to do. You don’t want a coach that just sits back and lets it happen. So it was a good thing and it just got everybody’s attention.’’

He goes on to give credit to Doc for the team running the break effectively.

Chris Wilcox and JaJuan Johnson may not be Kareem Abdul-Jabar but they were pretty good Sunday

"It was great," Johnson said of the team’s energy. "I think one of the things that caused it was just Doc telling everyone to run. I think we got easy buckets in transition. When you get those transition buckets, dunks, layups, I think it gets the crowd into it too. So I think that was a big key to this game."

Keep it up rook.

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