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Doc To Celtics: Pick Up The Pace!

There's no hiding the fact that the Celtics typically play a very half court oriented game of basketball. That tends to produce low scoring defensive battles that for the last few years have mostly produced wins. But the offense still needs to come from somewhere and it sounds like Doc wants to see the team get out in transition more. That must be music to Rondo's ears.

Celtics aim to crank the pace

The Celtics rank 30th in the NBA in pace at an average of a mere 90.2 possessions per game, according to HoopData, a whopping 3.6 possessions below the league average, and more than seven possessions less than the league's fastest team (Denver, 97.5). Celtics coach Doc Rivers was adamant his team up the tempo Sunday. "I thought we played at a better pace today," said Rivers. "You could see it: We were trying to run today. And that’s how we have to play. If we didn’t turn the ball over, we would’ve had far more points. But I just liked our pace and that’s all we talked about after the game in Toronto and today in our morning walkthrough -- was enough of the walking.

Sounds good to me. Especially if it produces back to back alley-oops! LOBster Town baby!

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