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What Do You LOVE About The Celtics? (Happy Valentine's Day)

Just thought I'd start an open thread about why you love the Celtics.

Also, consider this your public service announcement: If you haven't already gotten your loved ones something for today, drop everything and run out and get it now.

Or if you are single and looking, don't be afraid to ask out that certain "friend" that you've had your eye on with the casual line of "nobody wants to be alone on Valentine's Day" and then show up with a rose. Worked for me (wink).

For more on love, after the break we will revisit our annual tradition of linking to Delonte West's epic romantic journey. Page 2 : Flowers, Popeye's and romance

"Yeah, we're going to my yacht. We'll pull up at the docks and got a guy waiting for us, open our door up and we walk down a lit-up dock and onto the yacht, where we have dinner set up on the boat and we just cruise out on the water. Sit down and have some dinner, some shrimps and steaks, keep it nice and breezy. Pop some bottles, some Moet Rose. The red Moet, we ain't popping no Kristal, it tastes like urination. We ain't popping no Kris, that's $500 a bottle. It ain't that serious. It ain't going to get you drunk. Make sure you put that in there. We ain't doing a $500 bottle, we're doing a $99 wine and dine. While we're eating, have a singer. Who should I have?" Can this NBA player get a little love? How about some heart candy and balloons? Greene: "R. Kelly." Delonte: "I can't afford R. Kelly."

Happy Valentine's Day everyone.

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