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Things Fall Apart: Pistons Spoil The Rondo Show


Consider this a cautionary tale for those pining for the rebuilding to begin in the post Big 3 era. Kevin Garnett was out and Pierce and Allen were a combined oh-fer-almost-everything (ok, Pierce hit a few shots and had some assists, but it wasn't exactly Truthiness tonight). So that left it to Rajon Rondo to be Mr. Everything tonight. For 3 uneven quarters that was enough (with some contributions from Wilcox and JaJuan Johnson sprinkled in). Then things fell apart quickly in the 4th as Rondo went quiet and the rest of the offense looked like they were expecting him (or anyone else) to pick it up again.

  • I think Ben Gordon just hit another dagger 3 pointer.
  • New career high for Rondo in terms of points. Somehow I doubt he'll be really happy with that considering the loss.
  • Rondo took 27 shots. The rest of the starters took a combined 30. Submitted without comment.
  • Ray hit a layup at the end of regulation, so he avoided the goose egg in field goals.
  • Another nice game for Wilcox and JaJuan. If this was a rebuilding team I'd have gushed about them for 7 paragraphs. Shoot, I might still do that, just not tonight.
  • So much for home court advantage. Hey, maybe we'll go on a road winning streak or something. I guess.

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