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Rajon Rondo: "I Made Some, I Missed Some"

Not exactly as smooth as Ray
Not exactly as smooth as Ray

Rasheed Wallace had "both teams played hard" and now Rondo has "I made some, I missed some." The long wait is over and Chris Sheridan can now rest easy knowing that Rondo blessed us with his words of wisdom.

Green Street " In glorious defeat, Rajon Rondo faces media music

Silent in victory, vocal in defeat. Not that he really said all that much. So goes the enigma that is Rajon Rondo. Upon scoring a career-high 35 points against Detroit three days after equaling his career best against Chicago, Rondo simply said, "I made some, I missed some." For the record, he made 15 field goals and four free throws, missing 12 field goals and five free throws. On Sunday, Rondo became the fourth player in NBA history to record 32 points, 15 assists, 10 rebounds and two steals in a single game, joining Magic Johnson (thrice), LeBron James and Reggie Theus. Wednesday’s performance brought his totals for the last two games to 67 points, 21 assists, 15 rebounds and six steals. Rondo’s reaction? "The main thing is our record is 1-1 in these last two games," he said.

I feel better already.

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