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Rondo and Wilcox Making A Connection

See, Rondo didn't take ALL the shots last night.
See, Rondo didn't take ALL the shots last night.

Nice to see that Rajon finally has an athletic big to run with.

Wilcox contributes energy, points - The Boston Globe

"It's no different, I guess, than [Tom Brady] and Gronk [Rob Gronkowski] - you get confidence in certain guys running and there are certain guys that probably can run and Rondo would not throw it.''

"At the beginning of the year, I was dropping a lot of his passes. Practicing helped me be in the right situation at the right time and the passes he’s throwing right now are nothing surprising,’’ Wilcox said. Now that Wilcox knows what to expect from Rondo, the two have a good thing going. The point guard has set his forward up for five dunks in the past two games. "I love playing with Chris. He’s probably one of the fastest bigs in the league. I tell him to get out there and run with me and he does a great job every night,’’ Rondo said. "We’re starting to make easy baskets in transition and that’s what we need, I think, offensively.’’

I've compared Rondo to Brady in the past, but I think I might slow down with the Gronk comparisons until Wilcox can show he can do it consistently. Still, it is encouraging. We need more easy baskets and Rondo needs someone to throw to.

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