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Well.....the second half of the third quarter of this game turned out to be sort of exciting - for a monent. The Celtics however lost focus in certain parts of this game (especially the 4th Qtr) and in the end this lack of focus sealed their fate. The final score of 89-80 doesn't really seem correct (it feels like it should more of a point spread) as we simply faded away in the 4th Quarter with bad shots, lack of mental toughness, and unable to control the Bulls on the glass.

  • The Celtics come roaring back on a 22-3 run to close out the third quarter to bring them with one point of the Bulls after being down 16 points early in the third quarter.
  • The Zone helped the Celtics get back in the game but that was trumped by too many turnovers and giving up too many offensive rebounds.
  • Ray Allen came alive in the second half with some key threes point shots but we needed more.
  • Rondo played a solid game, and continues to post up in the paint, as well as continue to shoot the jumper very well.
  • Wilcox played well again with Rondo feeding him for some nice dunks.
  • JO continues to be a slow moving foul machine who can't hit a shot, can't stay focused and looks completely out of gas. He can draw offensive fouls burt mainly he is just offensive.
  • Paul Pierce looked sluggish and did not take the ball to the rim like he should be doing. He just seems tired and uninspired.
  • Ex Celtic Mike "Big Game" James had a nice game for the Bulls.
  • Dang! that Deng! Solid play by the first-time All Star. He hit some big threes.
  • Pietrus did a nice impression of Antoine Walker jacking up threes most every time he touched the ball.
  • Noah was....Noah....hate him but he is good.

But make no mistake - this was a TEAM LOSS. We lost focus, we lost too many loose balls, we lost on both ends of the floor and we lost road game #1 on this new journey away from home.

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