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Ray Allen Declined 3 Point Contest Invite

It sounds like Ray Allen could have been involved in the All Star weekend but decided against it.

Great things must end -

Ray Allen heard through back channels that the NBA wanted him to participate in the 3-point shootout on All-Star Saturday. But the Celtics [team stats] guard who came into last night’s game third in the league in trey percentage followed through on his plan to avoid the event if he wasn’t playing in the All-Star Game. He told his agent to refuse any further inquiries. "The skills competitions put so much more on your plate," said Allen. "I just thought the rest is more important. If you go for that, it means at least two meetings. Then your sneaker company knows you’re there, so that’s at least one more appearance. It’s a lot to do at a time when it’s probably better to get your rest and get prepared for the rest of the season."

It sounds like he might need a little extra rest too, because teams are keying on him in their gameplans.

Ray Allen says Celtics need more ball movement - The Boston Globe

"I’ve seen teams, it’s almost like a box-and-one, where the guy is not bumping anything, he’s committing himself to me and he’s not help defense at all,’’ Allen said. "And a lot of teams are saying, ‘We gotta take Ray out, keep him out of the game, and we stand a greater chance of keeping the offense in standstill situations.’ "So I do whatever I can to move the ball around and get to positions where I can create stuff for other people, but when we get in trouble, we don’t move the ball around. If I’m scoring, the ball is moving around quite a bit.’’

Get some rest Ray.

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