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Celtics Offense Works Best Inside Out

Our best low post threat.
Our best low post threat.

One of my favorite kid-jokes is "If you nose runs and your feet smell, you're built upside down."

Well, the Celtics have been experimenting with turning their offense inside out. They already have big men that make their money shooting from the outside (KG, Bass, and now JaJuan Johnson). Now they are trying out Rajon Rondo in the post. In fact, Reggie Miller said on the TNT broadcast that Rondo is our best low post player, ...and he wasn't even kidding.

Rondo posts up, keeps it weird "

Rondo’s statistical profile has always been Stockton-esque–classic point guard. But he’s relied on thrillingly unorthodox methods to reach those totals. So maybe it shouldn’t shock us that the Celtics are now putting their six-foot point guard in the low post in order to kick-start their anemic offense. It’s a sneaky way to help Rondo get closer to the basket and minimize the way his unreliable jumper negatively affects the team’s spacing. And while Rondo has a smallish frame, he actually has a nice array of post moves. His excellent core strength and footwork allows him to hold off or spin by defenders, and his long arms and huge hands help him find angles for the same clever flip shots and baby hooks he uses to finish over taller defenders on his drives.

Hey, whatever works, works. I'd let KG bring the ball up and give the green light to Avery Bradley to shoot from half court if I thought it would help. In fact, I'd almost be in favor of instituting the Cherry Pick play (leave someone like Jermaine O'Neal in the backcourt for an outlet pass).

Seriously though, I like Doc's creativity here. Just like the small ball lineups, I don't think it is a long term solution but it is a creative way to get things kick-started.

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