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Trade Machine Pitfalls - Can't Get A Dollar For 4 Nickels

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Benny the Bull rejected my trade proposal.
Benny the Bull rejected my trade proposal.

Celtics Hub had a "funny because its true" post up about misconceptions while using the Trade Machine. Here's my favorite.

Three Common Misconceptions Regarding the Trade Machine |

1. Pretending "Jermaine O’Neal, Keyon Dooling, Sasha Pavlovic, and Avery Bradley" is a trade package. This is probably the most common ridiculous trade type we’re seeing lately, because it allows the trader to get rid of four players nobody cares about by operating under the assumptions that four players is always better than one. This is very false. No team wants any of these players individually; why would they want all four of them at the same time?

I do think that Jermaine does have some minimal value as an expiring contract. I do think some teams would like to take a flyer on Avery Bradley as a throw-in. I don't think that package of players gets you very much. I think at best you'd be looking at a flawed player with a long term contract that he hasn't lived up to. Basically the exact opposite of what we're looking for. So, wannabe GM's beware.