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Rajon Rondo Is Hard To Guard

The blog Shaky Ankles took a closer look at Rajon Rondo's game the other night and had some nice observations. Here's one of them.

Analyzing The Anomalous: Rajon Rondo vs. Chicago " Shaky Ankles

I believe it was during halftime that Kenny Smith declared Rajon Rondo the second hardest point guard to defend in the league; his combination of unpredictability and weird athleticism always making him a threat to do damage from a variety of different angles. Early in the fourth quarter Rondo put this on display. Starting on the left wing, Rondo took a screen from Pietrus and drove towards the paint. With Pierce and Garnett standing well guarded in the corners, the options here were more than enough for Rondo to do his damage: he could loft a floater, kick it back to Pietrus for three, or toss a lob to the rolling Wilcox. Door No. 3 was wide open, and the pretty alley-oop was converted.

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