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Blowing Up Is Hard To Do

I'm a bit of a broken record these days, but I'm going to keep on preaching until I convert you all or get proven wrong. This team has no reason to "blow it up." None.

The facts (as I see them) are these:

1. This team still has an outside shot at doing something in the playoffs.

2. Even if they don't, they are set up well to start over in the summer and start the rebuild process then.

3. Most of the trades that you could come up with right now, you could still make in the offseason - except without the players. For example, instead of trading Ray Allen for a guy making $10M a year, you could let Allen walk and trade a bag of balls for that same $10M per year guy because that's what you can do when you have cap room.

But putting all those facts aside. Say you really, really can't wait the extra few months and you have to get rid of the heart and soul of this team. What would you be looking for in return? Most likely you'd want first round draft picks, right?

Ok folks, let us do an experiment. Let's ask bloggers of other teams if they'd be willing to trade us first round picks for our aging stars. I did just that this week and here's a sampling of the responses I got.

First you have the lottery teams that would be foolish to hand over draft picks for aging vets.

Seth Pollack of Bright Side of the Sun

It makes no sense for the Suns to give up any young or future assets for more older players. That means you shouldn't rule it out.

Conrad Kaczmarek of Fear The Sword

Kyrie Irving for the corpse of Kevin Garnett, who says no?

(I say no, this is my way of saying that Cavs want none of your old guys unless you're willing to simply take back Luke Harangody in exchange.)

Amar of SLC Dunk (Utah)

A number of Jazz fans want to give up the future so they can rent Ray Allen for a year, and perhaps ruin Rondo's career by putting him on a team w/o any shooters.

If you don't understand sarcasm when you see it, then you'll appreciate Adam of RaptorsHQ's much more direct response.

While the Raptors could really use the all-around play of Pierce, the perimeter shooting of Allen, and the defense and leadership, and drive of KG, this is a team that's in the beginning stages of a rebuilding effort, and SORELY needs young, blue chip talent. Therefore it would take an offer of a Blake Griffin or similar young stud, for the Raptors to move their lottery pick, which at present could easily end up in the top 5, and that takes the Celtics "big 3" out of any such conversation.

Next, let's move on to the contenders. Those teams could use guys like the Celtics have, but they are typically in the same position we are. They don't want to add aging stars at the expense of the future. Besides, whatever first round pick they'll have is going to be very late in the night on draft night.

LJRotter of Mavs Moneyball

The Mavs see no reason to get rid of any of our old guys for any of your old guys.

Steve Perrin of Clips Nation

The point is moot in the case of the Clippers, since the Celtics already own their 2012 first rounder (assuming the Clippers stay out of the top ten in the lottery, which seems relatively safe, but I'm not jinxing it by not mentioning the possibility). Would you be willing to send over Ray Allen or Paul Pierce retroactively for that pick? Seems only fair.

If the Clippers had a first rounder, given that it would seem to be somewhere in the 20s, I think they might consider it. But the point is moot. Moot I say!

And perhaps the most "promising" comment came from Matt from Blog-a-Bull.

Ray Allen would be of most interest to the Bulls, but preseason they kinda went in on Richard Hamilton, and thus are technically 'set'. It's likely Allen is the much better bet, but they can't really pull the plug on Hamilton when he's barely played (though maybe that's WHY they should pull the plug) and give up assets to do so.

Also, the Bulls 1st rounders are either worthless, or their protected future first from Charlotte which they're holding on to as a, ahem, lottery ticket.

So there you have it. Nobody responded that they would give up a first rounder for any of our stars. And if you can't get that, what's the point? I rest my case. Ride it out. By all means look for sweetheart deals if you can find them, but don't hold your breath and don't sell our stars for deeply discounted prices just for the sake of selling.

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