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Rejected, Ejected and looking Dejected in Motor City

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More Road Trip anyone? Aren't we just getting started? We need more way more horsepower as we have too much bad junk in our trunk.

Detroit has more defensive energy and speed than a California Tesla Roadster. The Celtics, on the other hand look like a defective, slow moving Chevy Volt.

  • Offensive Rebounds in the fist half? 11-3 Detroit. Celtics down 13 points at halftime.
  • Turnovers for the Celtics? 24!!!!!! Can we have some more?
  • Three more offensive rebounds in the 3rd Quarter for Detroit. The Celtics found themselves down 14 at the end of 3rd Qtr. after getting as close as 5 points on a resurgent shooting Ray Allen. More offensive rebounds in the 4th Quarter. We are slow learners.
  • A bad no-call on Detroit fouling Rajon Rondo in the third period caused Rondo's radiator to boil over. He tossed the ball at the referee, and was summarily tossed himself after two quick technicals.
  • Paul Pierce - once again was basically ineffective and still looking pretty tired and uninspired.
  • Jermaine O'Neal - Some really nice blocks, hit a few shots early and then foul I have ever seen by an injured Zombie (sorry I had to say it).
  • Wilcox - decent game but nothing outstanding. He looked good because the rest of the Celtics looked so bad.
  • KG - not with the team due to family matters.
  • Celtics Bench?........PATHETIC. "Antoine Walker" Pietrus? Nothing but threes.
  • JuJuan Johnson not much besides quick fouls.
  • Dooling? One three pointer I think and no slashing to the basket.
  • Steamer? He was running on steam while Detroit running on jet fuel. He keeps getting worse.
  • Avery Bradley? He could help build Detroit by supplying a steady supply of bricks.
  • Marquis Daniels? It's alive!!!!!! well sort of.....he did get to play.
Where to next Road Warriors? Everybody get back in the Chevy Volt, wind up the electric rubber band and let's move on down the road a little further. I got back seat!!!

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