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Doc: Rondo Is "Closer Every Day"

Now for the daily guessing game on the health of Rajon Rondo's wrist. Reports for the last few days have been that he would likely be back on Friday. Now Doc is saying he'll be "close." I don't think he's trying to be "Belichickian" in honor of Super Bowl week - he probably legitimately doesn't know. Though I do think that Rondo was just messing with us with that whole "by the All Star break" thing. Or at least I wouldn't put it past him.

Rajon Rondo of Celtics close to returning from wrist injury - The Boston Globe

"I think he’ll be close,’’ Rivers said. "He’s getting closer every day.’’ The Celtics (11-10) have gone 6-2 without Rondo. But their late-game offense has suffered without him, and they struggled in the final quarter of three consecutive contests before last night. "You can still win games [without Rondo],’’ Rivers said. "We knew that, anyway. Also, we are finding out it is very difficult down the stretch without Rajon in close games. Because he and Paul [Pierce] and Ray [Allen] and Kevin [Garnett] have been together, you have the luxury of calling things you may not have put in this year they can run because they’ve been together. "Without him, you’re pretty basic offensively, and I think you’re very easy to guard down the stretch and that’s hurt us.’’

That's pretty counter intuitive since Rondo's a liability at the line and doesn't stretch the floor, but you can see the point that Doc is making (and the proof is on the floor).

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