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Doc To Bradley: Be Like Andre Miller

Good stuff as usual from Paul Flannery today. This time he looks at Avery Bradley's role in the offense and how the coaching staff is getting him looks without relying on his still-unreliable jumper.

Green Street " Avery Bradley’s new offensive role model: Andre Miller

"I told Avery he has to be Andre Miller, who I think is the best cutter without the ball in the league," Rivers said. "No one’s guarding him and he keeps scoring 15, 16 points a game, and teams keep doing what they do and he backcuts. Instead of looking at the ball, just look at your man. Right when he turns his head, cut behind him. He’ll never know you’re gone."

Bradley has taken those instructions to heart. "Cuts not only get me open, they get my teammates open," he said. "I’m just getting better at cutting every single game. [Rajon] Rondo’s a great cutter and I want to be a good cutter just like him."

Part of a good coaching staff is knowing your players strengths and weaknesses and tweaking the sets to give them the opportunity to thrive. I like it.

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