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Big Baby's Terrible, Awful, Horrible Year

To say that things haven't gone as planned would be a vast understatement for Glen Davis. We poke fun at him and gleefully compare him to Brandon Bass, but all the jokes stop when you learn that he's lost both his grandmother and father this year.

After Family Tragedies, Orlando Magic's Glen Davis Looking to Improve Focus - Orlando Pinstriped Post

"With my grandmother’s death and now my father dying, I’ve got to be mentally strong right now," Davis told John Denton of He continued, "I have to take it to another level completely with my focus. I’ve got to leave (the grief) out of here when I come in." Davis is having arguably the worst-shooting season of any rotation player in the league. Among players who have taken at least 200 shots, but fewer than 10 three-pointers, Davis has the lowest field-goal percentage; further, he and Tyler Hansbrough are the only such players shooting below 40 percent.

I have to feel for Baby. He wasn't a guy I wanted here from a basketball standpoint but he was always quick to smile and laugh and have a good time. I really do wish him well and hope he can get himself headed back in the right direction in Orlando. He had some great moments in Boston (I'll always remember Shrek & Donkey in the Finals) and he's got more talent than many would ever hope to have. He just needs to put it all together and accept his role in the NBA. Here's hoping he does.

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