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Teams Daring Rondo To Beat Them

With the exception of last nigh, Rajon Rondo has been on a scoring tear, but the team hasn't exactly been on a tear with him. Rondo is getting more aggressive lately but I think there's something more to it. It seems teams have apparently decided to let Rondo score and stop the other weapons on the Boston roster. So far it is working. This reminds me of when teams started giving Steve Nash his shots and closing off his passing options.

With Rajon Rondo scoring, team slow to adjust -

"Yeah, I think we have to figure out where it’s going to come from," Paul Pierce said before last night’s game. "It’s kind of challenging. As Rondo is getting better, my role kind of changes into more of a slasher and spot-up shooter and a screener, things of that nature." Rondo is just taking the next natural step in his progression. He’s doing as the club asks and getting more like the player for whom it tried to trade him, Chris Paul. "He’s just taking advantage of the opportunities given to him," Pierce said. "Teams are allowing him to take those shots, and he’s just being more aggressive, especially in the mid-range. "A lot of teams are trying to trap me and Ray (Allen) off of picks, and they’re allowing Rondo space. They’re going under a lot of his pick-and-rolls, and I just think he’s being more aggressive."

I don't think the answer is for Rondo to force passes, but perhaps his teammates need to be more creative about getting themselves in position to help. I don't know, it is just another challenge and frustration for this team's offense to work through.

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