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Thick Headed Celtics Not Getting It; Doc Considers Changes

I was going to post some comments by Jermaine O'Neal and Paul Pierce and all that, but what's the point? They are saying the same things over and over again. Nothing changes. It is all talk and it is getting very frustrating. Not just for me and you fans, but for everyone - especially Doc.

Celtics can’t compete -

The Celtics again followed their suicidal script. They surrendered a whopping 29 second-chance points (to their own six) and turned over the ball 24 times for 40 Pistons points. The Detroit aggression translated into a 46-15 discrepancy in free throw attempts. The C’s also were outscored in the paint, 42-20. And this was a day after coach Doc Rivers spent more than three hours in a video session and on the floor trying to correct these very problems. "They’re listening, they’re hearing, and they’re trying," the coach said, "but for whatever reason right now, it’s not translating on the floor. You see stretches of it, and you wonder why they can’t continue. But it absolutely is not translating on the floor, so I always put me at that. I’ve got to figure out a way. I’ve got to figure out another combination maybe. We’ve just got to keep searching. I think it’s a group in that locker room that fits, but I have not found that right fit yet."

So what is the answer? Perhaps a change in the lineup. But...

Asked if he has considered altering the lineup, Rivers said, "Absolutely. I’ve been at that point for a month. I just haven’t done it. It’s tough to do it when you don’t have your guys. If you wanted to make a change, well, how can you? Kevin and Brandon are out or somebody else is out. No, we’ve talked about it for much longer than you would think, but every time we think about doing it, another guy’s out."

It makes you wonder, if the team was fully healthy, what changes would he make? I know a lot of people would love to start Bass but he's hurt. Is it possible he'd consider taking one of the Big 3 out of the starting lineup? Who knows?

I think this team could use some help at the deadline in a minor deal but for the life of me I don't know who or what we could get for the assets that we have (and are willing to part with). The weeks after March 1st and before the deadline should be interesting.

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