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Danny Ainge Is A Game Changer

This is a sponsored post.

I was tasked with writing a sponsored post about a "game changer" and I honestly couldn't think of a player that fit that description at this very moment. Rondo is probably our best player but he's not playing at the moment and is still struggling with consistency anyway. The 3 Amigos are what they are at this point and the whole team seems to be listing to the side.

So in my view, the only true game changer at this very moment is Danny Ainge. He has in his hands the ability to alter the face of this team. He has the power to impact this season and he is tasked with blazing a trail for the organization in the years ahead.

Change is coming, make no mistake. For as much as I want to see the Big 3 retire as Celtics, I want even more to see the Celtics quickly return to the land of contenders. If Ray and KG want to come back on deeply discounted deals, that's fine with me. But not at the expense of younger players that fit into the long term. So things will look different in Boston sooner or later.

The big question is how soon? Does Danny make a move next month? The trade deadline is March 15 and things sort of kick off on March 1st when many players that were signed in the offseason are eligible to be traded. So that's going to be a very interesting 2 weeks.

Get ready for the Celtics to be discussed in half of all the league rumors. I don't see Ainge deciding to "blow it up" for pennies on the dollar, but I am sure he'll work the phone lines to see what he could get if he decided to hit that flashing red button. If a sweetheart deal comes along, he won't hesitate. That alone makes him a game changer.

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