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"Fly Through" Highlights (Jordan Brand)

This is a sponsored post.

Do you like highlights? Do you like the Jordan brand? If so, you might like the highlights posted on SBNation with some of the Jordan brand players featured.

Dwyane Wade, Gerald Wallace 'Fly Through' Opponents -

We've selected five examples of Jordan Brand players exhibiting how they "Fly Through" opponents to make plays. Check out our picks, then vote for your favorite in the poll at the end of the post. Next week, we'll present our picks for the "Fly Around" and "Fly Over" categories. After that, we'll line up the top picks from each category to determine the quintessential Flight Meter highlight from the Jordan Brand stable.

Personally I like the DWade one. He goes right through and over Varejao and you see a pre-Celtic (and already old looking) Shaq sitting on the bench - not to mention LeBron James probably wondering what it would be like playing with a guy like Wade. Good times.

This is unrelated to the Jordan brand, but Avery Bradley did seem to "fly through" Durant last night.

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