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Celtics In The Market For A Big Man

Breaking news items: Water is wet, the Earth is round, taxes are due on April 15th, and the Celtics could use some help in the big man department.

Rajon Rondo’s gift: All-Star appearance -

Rivers admits that the Celtics might have no choice but to find another big man. No simple task. "The way they have been injured, we may have to get one anyway," Rivers said. "That’s something Danny and I will talk about over the All-Star break. But if there’s a big man out there, there’s a reason he’s out there. "Maybe in the D-League there’s a guy who can fit us. We don’t need a great big. We need a big who can fit our identity, and there’s someone out there. We just don’t know who it is yet."

I had previously written about Jeff Foote of the Springfield Armor as a potential guy we could sign on a 10 day contract. If they go that route, they'd have to cut someone loose but with the way the bench has been playing lately, that shouldn't be too painful. Sasha Pavlovic immediately comes to mind, but Marquis Daniels hasn't exactly separated himself in a good way lately either.

Right now the team is forced to give JaJuan Johnson extended minutes. Something Doc isn't sure he's too happy about.

"We've got three bigs, and we're still debating on whether JaJuan's a big yet," the Celtics [team stats] coach said. "I guess giving him more time is good. I don't know why we would think that is good. He's a good player, but you don't want to force anybody into minutes. I don't ever believe that's good for a guy. The minutes he earns are what he should play all of the time, not the minutes that are there."

Like it or not, that's Doc's philosophy.

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