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Are You 6'10 Or Taller? Please Report To The Celtics

I thought I was your only D-League big man love!
I thought I was your only D-League big man love!

We could really use your help.

Celtics' next move should be pivotal

It is uncertain how long O’Neal and Wilcox will be out, but the certainty is that the Celtics need to bring in another big man now. The pickings are slim, with players such as Kyrylo Fesenko and Earl Barron being the most attractive because of their experience. As Rivers pointed out Wednesday, they don’t need Dwight Howard, they just need a healthy big man who can play defense and rebound, and is astute enough to learn the system. While Greg Stiemsma was a nice story in early January and has played well in stretches, opponents have scouted him and discovered that what kept him in the NBADL were his defensive deficiencies. He is good enough for spot minutes, but to hand him a primary role won’t help the Celtics make a serious run.

I like Greg and all, but I always had my expectations tempered with him. I don't think another D-League guy is going to be much better, but we could use all the help we can get right now. So if it means getting a guy on a 10 day contract and cutting Sasha, I say lets do it.

I'm sure Danny will keep his eyes open for trades, but I'm not sure we have many assets to give up to get anyone worth getting.

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