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Rasheed Wallace To The Lakers

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A. Sherrod Blakely is reporting that Rasheed Wallace plans on signing with the Los Angeles Lakers. This is interesting news, considering that the Celtics were in the market for another big. He knows our system, knows our players, and more importantly, should have a hatred for the Lakers just like you and me. Outside of Troy Murphy, I hate it when ex-Celtics sign with LA. But as frustrating as he was in Boston, he played gutsy in place of Perk in Game 7 two years ago and you can't count out a guy as talented as Wallace.

For the Lakers, it only fuels the fire surrounding the trade rumors swirling around Gasol and maybe even Bynum. In that case, I'm happy Rasheed is heading out west. I'm all for adding a head case to a team of head cases. I'm just wondering if Danny took a pass and if he did, what does he have up his sleeve?

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