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Rondo Has A Dry Sense Of Humor

If you've watched Rondo be interviewed for long enough, you know that he likes to deadpan responses that may or may not be 100% serious. I think deep inside he's smirking at the whole world. Not everyone gets him, but I get the feeling if you knew him well (like Perkins and others) you'd find him to be extremely funny. Two examples from the All Star media session.

Ben Goliver of Blazers Edge

Rondo, totally sick of media, deadpans: "I don't want to start any trade rumors but Kendrick Perkins is getting traded back to the Celtics."

The Point Forward " Posts On the scene at ’12 All-Star Media Day "

Like almost every team, the Celtics talk endlessly about wanting to run more, but they are playing this season more slowly than ever. Only the Pistons, Nets and Hornets average fewer possessions per game, according to Basketball Reference. I asked Rajon Rondo, the speediest Celtic, if he wanted to run more. "Yeah," he said. "We gotta change it up, man." He then turned to me and added: "Do you have any other stats you want to bother me with?"

I can see how some might take that the wrong way, but I think he's just trying to be funny in his own way.

Man on a mission - The Boston Globe

Rondo could have easily left the team in Dallas and headed for perhaps a six-day vacation, but he stayed with the Celtics through their trip to Oklahoma City. He considered a one-day trip to the Bahamas, but instead flew back to Boston with the team and barely arrived in time for media availability. “Yeah, but I had already booked my ticket,’’ he said, when asked about calling off his vacation. “I was already gone. I had to change out my swimming trunks.’’

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