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Houston Rockets Are Quietly On A Roll

Don't look now, but old friend Kevin McHale may not be walking through that door, but he's actually doing some good things down in Houston.

NBA -- Answering your Power Rankings questions - ESPN

Did you know they're tied with the Lakers for fifth in the West? Or that they started the season 3-7 and have gone 17-7 since? Things may get better too, as seven of their first 10 games coming out of the break are against sub-.500 teams.

However, a bigger story is at the other end. Kevin McHale vowed to improve the defense when he took over as coach, but the first two weeks were a train wreck. Since then, Houston has cleaned things up considerably. The Rockets were once near the bottom of the charts, but now rank 15th in defensive efficiency. The trade deadline could offer more bounty too -- Houston has a strong cap position and a lot of trade assets, including a first-round pick (Marcus Morris) who is hardly playing, and several expiring contracts. Nobody is talking about the Rockets, at least yet, but it's high time we started.

This has already been pointed out, but if we were to want to blow it up, Houston might be a logical place to look. Hey, I seem to remember Danny and Kevin combining on a deal a few years ago...

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