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Stern: Number of Injuries Not More Due To Lockout

It seems like the Celtics haven't had their top 8 players all year long (whoever that top 8 may be). So one might ask, is it just bad luck or age or is it the lockout? Well, David Stern ran the numbers and he doesn't believe it is because of the lockout. In fact, he's pretty sure there aren't even any more injuries than in other years.

Stern says number of injuries not up this season. He’s right. | ProBasketballTalk

"I must say, I’ve looked at it recently, and I would say that the number of injuries, as we get it from the reports of the trainers and the discussion with the doctors, is about the same as the same period last year," Stern said. "The number of games lost is up slightly because teams are being smarter in their own ways, and competitively, by perhaps keeping a player out of a game that might have been an off day in past years." Basically, when your guy rolls an ankle and is out a week, he used to miss two or three games, but with the condensed schedule he misses four or five. The injury didn’t change, the time to heal didn’t change, only the schedule did.

If, and that's a big if, the Celtics ever got fully healthy, they'd probably be able to make a nice run. We'll see.

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