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How Good Is Anthony Davis?

Who me?
Who me?

Michael Wilbon is never shy with his opinion or hyperbole. So even though I'm not well versed in the college game, I tend to take this next paragraph with a grain of salt.

Great expectations in NBA's second half of 2011-12 - ESPN

I expect the bottom feeders, once they really start examining Kentucky's Anthony Davis, to really think about what winning this year's lottery will do for a team. The Kentucky center is the most polished true big man, even with only one season under his belt, to come out of college since Tim Duncan. Maybe since David Robinson. Shaq, powerful as he was coming out of LSU, wasn't as polished offensively as Davis is. This kid isn't just a game-changer, he's a franchise-changer.

Woah, woah, woah. More polished than Tim Duncan? I don't know if any college big man has ever been more polished than Tim Duncan coming out of college, but that's just me. Is the unibrow that good? I guess we'll see.

I do agree with Wilbon on one point though. We're going to see some shameless tanking in the second half of the year. I just hope it isn't the Celtics doing any of that tanking.

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