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Paul Pierce Is Soaking It Up

The Truth
The Truth

While Rajon Rondo seems to be just getting started with his All Star appearances, the Truth might be playing in his last and he knows it.

Truth is this may be last hurrah -

"Oh, man, definitely," said Pierce before practice yesterday. "You soak them up. You enjoy them. Like I tell people every year, you never know when it’s going to be your last time ever making it. "I’ve been fortunate to play in 10 of them, but I’ve always treated all of them like it’s my first. I enjoy the players. I enjoy the practice. I enjoy the locker room. I get out of the house. I go to some of the parties. You know, you’ve just got to enjoy it."

And the calendar tells him that time is just a few yards back over his shoulder. He is a young man by chronological account, but he is a graybeard in this crew. "By NBA standards, yeah," Pierce said. "A lot of players retire in their early 30s, and I'm here at 34 years old in an All-Star Game. There's only one other person here older than me, Steve Nash (38). It just shows that I've been able to do this for a long time."

It is remarkable the length of time that Paul Pierce has been able to maintain his level of excellence. He's a tribute to the team and the NBA as a whole. We're lucky to have him and to celebrate his accomplishments with at least one more All Star appearance. Cheers Captain.

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