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Larry Coon Is Scaring Me: More Rondo For Gasol Rumors

Rondo on the way out?  Say it ain't so.
Rondo on the way out? Say it ain't so.

Larry Coon is one of the foremost experts on the salary cap and all things CBA. He knows NBA people and he writes for various publications. But like Red's Army mentioned, he's not exactly one to break rumors. Maybe he's trying out something new. I don't know if that makes him more or less credible but I guess it depends on his source (as always). If you follow his twitter account, here's a few tweets that might catch your eye.

I still don't get this whole notion, but I guess we've heard it enough now to at least assume there's some smoke there. But what kills me is this next one.

Come on. Tell me we aren't going to give up Bass too. Make this go away please.

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