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Pierce Heckles Kobe Bryant In All Star Game

Nice nose Rudolph
Nice nose Rudolph

This is just the Truth being the Truth, and I love him for it.

Pierce can’t help himself - The Boston Globe

What kind of a Celtic would Paul Pierce be if he didn’t capitalize on an opportunity to chide Lakers guard Kobe Bryant? Pierce took full advantage while sitting on the bench last night during the final moments of the West’s 152-149 victory over the East. With the Eastern Conference squad looking to foul while trailing by 1 point with 18.1 seconds left, Pierce encouraged teammates to foul Bryant. The East fouled Bryant and he missed the second of two free throws, allowing the East a golden opportunity to tie or take the lead. "I was just heckling him, that’s all, just a good friendly heckle going on between two rivals,’’ Pierce said. "I was having fun. It’s the All-Star Game. That’s all it is. Just a little heckling, trying to get him to miss the shot, he missed the shot. It gave us a chance.’’

In related news, Kobe broke MJ's All Star game scoring record (watch me not care) and also broke his nose.

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