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Nets Sign Gerald Green

That sound you hear? That's the balance of power shifting in the Atlantic Division with today's news:

Nets To Sign Gerald Green Monday - NetsDaily

The Nets will finally take their chance on [Gerald] Green. Multiple sources, including Green's agent, are reporting New Jersey will sign Green Monday, two days after a staggering display of athleticism won him the MVP award at the D-League All-Star Game. The 6'8" small forward, who turned 26 last month, played this season with the L.A. Defenders, having previously played for the Celtics, Timberwolves, Rockets, Mavericks and Lakers, as well as teams in Russia, China and the D-League.

Is there any validity to the rumor I just started that the league mandated this after Saturday evening's debacle of a dunk contest? If nothing else, Gerald was entertaining during garbage time and the dunk contest; you'd better believe that there's no way he would have let Jeremy Evans beat him with some lame dunks.

But seriously, let's wish him the best of luck. He's always had the athleticism and the shooting to thrive in the NBA. What he's lacked are the fundamentals, the maturity, and the instincts. If he has worked on at least the first two of those, he should be a much better player. He should have a chance to put up big numbers in NJ . The Nets don't play defense there, and seemingly don't care much about defensive rebounding, either, as they're last in the NBA in both categories. That means Gerald should be given the green light to do nothing but shoot, and that's something he can do pretty well. (Just don't ask him to pass, rebound, defend, or make wise decisions on the fast break.)

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