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Garnett Lays Down The Law

Kevin Garnett is as subtle as a sledge hammer and I wouldn't have it any other way. So when the team broke up for the All Star break, he had a very simple, very straightforward, very KG message to give to the team.

Garnett holds team meeting prior to All-Star break

Explanations are one thing; excuses, another. And the C's, as long as he's been with the franchise, were not about making excuses. So before the team would venture off into the abyss that we know of as All-Star weekend, Garnett held an impromptu team meeting with a clear and very succinct Garnett-esque message. If you're not ready to step your game up the second half of the season, step aside and don't come back because he doesn't want you and the Celtics don't need you.

"Yeah, Kevin doesn't say much in the sense of being vocal," Dooling said. "He usually lets his play do the talking, and he always does. But it was perfect timing; every time he says something, he has the respect of our guys and it's always good to hear him get in our ears a little bit."

Just another reason why I love Kevin. Well done. I hope the guys take it to heart.

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