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Celtics Get Sloppy Win, But A Win Nonetheless

This is graceful, the rest of the night was not.
This is graceful, the rest of the night was not.

There have been nights when the Celtics have played well enough to win and lost. Which evens out nights like last night where they might have played poorly enough to lose but still pulled out the win. Doesn't matter to the coach. He'll take the win.

Celtics regain control - The Boston Globe

"It was a win, that’s all it was for us,’’ coach Doc Rivers said. "We’ll take the win, we needed the win. It’s a good way to end the losing streak and get the second half of the season going winning the game. "But we have to do better than that. That was awful, the turnovers, just the sloppy play. I thought for most part we had the right spirit. I thought the turnovers broke our spirit - you could see it.’

’"The first quarter was beautiful,'' Rivers said. "We put in what we worked on [Monday] and it looked great. And, then, it just went downhill from there. "I thought our bench in the third quarter, they saved us. Avery Bradley, Chris Wilcox, Keyon Dooling - he didn't play lot of minutes, but his minutes were huge - Mickael Pietrus, they saved us. And, then, our starters made enough plays down the stretch.''

Broken record time: This team has to get more consistent. This roller coaster stuff got old a long time ago.

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