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Is Rajon Rondo Overrated?

Under-towel, overrated?
Under-towel, overrated?

Rajon Rondo is now a 3 time All Star and has made multiple appearances on the All Defense list. I'm a big fan but not everyone is. Here's a TrueHoop author that isn't sold on him.

Rajon, the overrated? - TrueHoop

There is a platonic ideal for the point guard position, and that is to be an unselfish distributor. Rajon Rondo passes that test, no pun intended. The man is second in assists this year, and he notched a whopping 11.2 per game last year. For this reason, Rondo is considered a "pure point guard," the way other role-fitting stars might be considered "pure scorers."

That he embodies an archetype might help explain how Rondo received a No. 17 #NBARank after a season in which he garnered a No. 69 PER. But Rondo does not fit my platonic ideal for a point guard, because Boston's offense, to put it mildly, stinks. They are 23rd ranked in offensive efficiency this year, and this season is not exactly aberrational. In five-plus years with Rajon, the Celtics have only had a top 10 offense once. There are external factors to explain the anemic attack, but Rondo might be somewhat to blame despite his respectable PER.

Same basic argument, different day. I think it all boils down to preference. Do you want a scoring point guard or a passing one? Do you like chocolate or vanilla? We'll see what the Celtics want soon enough.

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