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Rumors: Odom May Seek Buyout; Celtics Interested?


Lamar Odom has left the Mavericks to be with his ill father. Now there are rumors swirling about a potential buyout - which Mark Cuban denies.

No timetable for Lamar Odom's return to Dallas Mavericks - ESPN Dallas

Amid rumors that Odom might not return to the Mavericks and a midseason buyout could be a possibility, owner Mark Cuban told's Tim MacMahon via email Monday night: "We haven't discussed a buyout and we wouldn't do a buyout. No chance that happens at all. We want to help Lamar work through any personal issues and expect him to be a valuable contributor to the Mavs this season. Players go through challenges from time to time and we try to be (an) organization that fully supports our players when things are challenging for them. We will do the same for Lamar."

That isn't going to stop the rumors though (what else is Mark going to say?) The next site I have no familiarity with, so I cannot tell you what their credibility is. So take with the appropriate grain of salt.

Per League Source: Dallas Mavericks F Lamar Odom Seeking Buyout, Eying Boston Celtics, New Jersey Nets

After speaking with a league executive Tuesday night, Hoops Authority has learned that Odom is seeking a buyout from the Mavericks, with his focus set on taking his talents to the Boston Celtics or New Jersey Nets.

Would he make sense in Boston? He's got all the talent that Danny Ainge could want but I'm not so sure about his emotional stability and he's played so poorly this year that you have to wonder if he can turn things around. On the other hand, if he's a free agent and wants to sign here for the vet min, what's the risk?

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