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Celtics Trade Rumor: If You Believe Sam Amico, Beasley To Beantown Is "Close"

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The Beasley speculation / rumors were discussed a lot yesterday, but here's a bit more from Sam Amico, who covers the Cavs for Fox Sports Ohio:

Celtics aim for rebound, but can it happen? - Sam Amico - Fox Sports Ohio

[T]he scuttlebutt before Tuesday’s game was that the Celtics might be looking to make a deal that involves sending veteran center Jermaine O’Neal to Minnesota and landing young forward Michael Beasley in return.

Amico followed up on that tidbit in a chat he held today:

[Q:] Will Beasley end up being a Laker?

Sam Amico: I could definitely see that. But I think he'll end up with the (gasp) Celtics. Sounds like that deal is close.

If it's JO for Beasley, I say get it done. It's not like Danny would be gutting the core of a championship contender at the trade deadline or anything. Sure, adding Beasley would probably change the identity of the team a bit, but this team could use it.

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