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Rumor Has It That The Celtics Won Again (Barely)

We interrupt this 24/7 coverage of Celtics rumors to bring you a recap of an actual basketball game. In fact, it was almost a very encouraging game until the Bucks went on a 13-0 run to give us a scare at the end.

The Celtics actually hit the boards and dominated the paint tonight. The 2nd quarter was largely forgettable but some big runs in the 3rd quarter had the team up by double digits and thinking blowout. They obviously took their collective foot off the pedal and let the Bucks within sniffing distance of stealing one.

Thankfully they just ran out of time and the C's hit their free throws and that was all she wrote. But it hints at the over-arching issue of focus and discipline for this team. As Tommy succinctly put it "this is all just stupidity as far as I'm concerned." Oh well, a win is a win I guess.

  • Perhaps the team should "aggressively pursue trades" for Rajon Rondo more often. Somehow I had a feeling he'd get a triple double tonight.
  • Who needs Jermaine O'Neal (trade him!). I'm fine with KG at center and Wilcox backing him up (13 boards! 6 offensive!)
  • Especially when Brandon Bass is in the lineup with another solid game.
  • Dooling looked better than he has in a long time. He even put in a reverse dunk!
  • Brandon Jennings' game tonight kind of makes me feel better about Rondo's game last night.
  • Note: I wrote that line before the 2 quick 3's that put them right back in the game at the end.

Urge to blow up the team falling, falling, RISING, falling... (random Simpsons reference)

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