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Ziller: Pierce and Rondo Should Be All Stars

Tom Ziller takes a look at who he thinks should be All Star reserves. A couple of Celtics just barely make his roster.

NBA All-Star 2012: Picking Reserves For Each Conference -

WILD CARD NO. 1: Paul Pierce. The Truth has been great lately, and has gotten the C's back into a flow as Rajon Rondo has sat. Everyone has different standards on games played to receive consideration, but Pierce has played plenty (18) and beats out the top contenders for the last two spots on impact.

WILD CARD NO. 2: Rajon Rondo. Rondo's played less, and possibly not enough for legit consideration. (He has played 13 games. Others on the team are above 20.) When he's been on the court, he's been the conference's second best guard behind Rose, the usual torrent of deft playmaking and defense. But due to the injury, I'd have no problem with Hibbert or Brandon Jennings here in place of Rondo.

Hard to argue with either selection but I agree that (due to injuries) either one could be left off the roster as well.

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