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Rajon Rondo Returns.... but the Captain is still steering the Ship!

First things first........ Paul Pierce = All-Star ...give him the nod coaches! Oh Captain my Captain.....

Let me say the Knicks played a very good game and we did not. Well, we did not until the last three minutes of the 3rd Qtr and the 4th Qtr. Even then we still had no real flow to our offensive but hustle, defense and Paul Pierce kicked in and we gutted this thing out. Oh yeah!

  • Paul Pierce was again - The Captain! He was more than solid on both ends of the court. He dropped some big three's to keep us close in the first half. In the second half he was rebounding, he was defending, he was taking the ball right to the rack drawing fouls. Clutch
  • Rondo did not score his first basket until the about the 8:00 minute mark of the 3rd Quarter. I was however pretty impressed by his effort in this first game back while playing with a wrist you could tell was still sore. He showed moxy and made some great defensive efforts.
  • Avery Bradley didn't play much, but when he did, he gave a good measure of his signature defense. Had a nice steal and basket in the first half but a bad turnover in the 4th Qtr.
  • Bass and Wilcox were both good and bad. I thought Wilcox played lazy for a long stretch, and then he finally woke up and made few good hustle plays. Bass hustled, but played stupid with a technical and some dumb fouls.
  • JO invisible ....not much there tonight. Sigh...
  • Ray Allen heated up to make some big big threes in the final minutes.
  • KG 10,000 career defensive rebounds - congrats.
  • No Moore, No JJJ, No Marquis, No Steamer.....No problem
  • Nerve wracking instant replay

Celtics win! Celtics win! Celtics win!!!!!

Happy Weekend

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