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Chris Wilcox Consistently Inconsistent

When the team acquired Chris Wilcox, the scouting report on him mentioned that he was talented but inconsistent. So far he's lived up to that billing. In fact, last night's game was a pretty good microcosm of that scouting report.

Head down, Wilcox kept grinding - The Boston Globe

"Chris Wilcox was down,’’ coach Doc Rivers said of Wilcox’s first half. "He bobbled a couple balls, he had his head down. And all I just told him is, ‘We play forward, all right?’ I said, ‘Can’t get any of those back.’ And I thought he, Paul, obviously - but I thought Chris Wilcox was the hero. Him and Avery [Bradley], their defensive intensity changed the game.’’

Wilcox: Hero of the game

"I’m definitely happy [with his second-half effort], because with my first half, I might not be playing the next game," said Wilcox. "I found a way to grind it out. I just came out, played hard, and good things happened." Wilcox laughed as he described his bench role as running around like a chicken with his head cut off. It's clear he thrives off energy. And Friday might have been a great example of what he's capable of when he doesn't worry about his stat line (or his health).

It is up to Doc and the staff to keep his confidence up and put him in positions to thrive. He may not be a hero every night, but it will be nice on the nights when he can give us something positive.

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