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Celtics Love Having Rondo Back

The Celtics enjoyed their best stretch of games when Rajon Rondo was out with an injury. Pierce picked up more of the distribution load and everyone stepped up their game to make up for the missing point guard. Last night the offense looked kind of discombobulated in the first half. You might be tempted to draw the conclusion that the offense might be better off without him. Let's put that thought to bed right now. Take it away Captain. (via WEEI)

"Rondo really takes us to another level when you add him to the mix," Pierce said. "I said this to somebody earlier, ‘We are a playoff team without Rondo, but with Rondo we become a contender.'"

Chris Wilcox agrees:

Celtics coach Rivers welcomes back healthy Rondo - The Boston Globe

"It was just good to have Rondo on the floor,'' forward Chris Wilcox said. "We've been going through a good stretch of games and we've been winning and things like that and then to bring him back only helps our team. Tonight he was kind of timid, didn't want to get his hand hurt, but he worked through it, he played hard and we came out with a W.''

Besides, Rivers makes a good point. He's rusty and still a little banged up. Give the guy some time.

"I thought he played well,’’ coach Doc Rivers said. "I mean, he was rusty, obviously. And I thought he played a little gingerly with his hand at times. You know, we’ll assess it tomorrow and see how he feels and keep going. You don’t miss that amount of games and then don’t practice at all and then walk into an NBA game and play well. That’s just hard to do.’’

Perhaps this is a bit of an overreaction to some comments made in the post game thread, but I get super defensive when someone questions my point guard. So shoot me.

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