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Rondo Quotes and Healing Updates

Forsberg has some good quotes from Rondo regarding his healing wrist.

Rondo details lack of activity due to wrist

"I try not to get too down, too negative on myself, but I was pretty [bad] last night," he said. "Realistically, I haven’t touched a ball since Toronto because of the wrist. I’m a right-handed player, so I couldn’t shoot free throws. I beat myself up because I missed three free throws and because of the turnovers I made. I wasn’t strong [enough] to make the pass. That was the sacrifice I made to go out there and play."

The good news: Rondo didn't report any additional soreness the day after his return. He did sport a grisly shiner below his right eye -- the lingering remnants after Knicks guard Iman Shumpert caught him with an unintentional hand to the face as Rondo pressured the ball in the New York backcourt in the first quarter on Friday. Rondo made sure to stress that the eye didn't hinder him Friday, noting the turnovers were more the result of the weak wrist than the puffiness around his eye.

He also mentioned that he'll play with the brace on his wrist for another game or two.

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