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Grizzled Veterans Beat Young Cubs

Early on it looked like the teams were paying tribute to the Super Bowl by taking turns of offense. They traded runs before the Celtics finally hit their stride and got a healthy lead. Then the teams traded baskets for a while until the Celtics really pulled away in the 4th quarter. A nice, solid win against a young, up and coming Grizzlies team. This is particularly gratifying considering how much trouble the team has had over the last couple of years on day games.

  • I don't really expect KG to have games like this all the time, but it sure is nice to know that he's still got it in him from time to time. Oh, and he's now a 3 point shooter. That was only the next logical step for him.
  • Paul Pierce keeps on doing Paul Pierce type things and I'm digging every minute of it. Seriously, how frustrating must it be to be a fan of another team and see this guy go down the lane at half speed and still get the bucket and the foul?
  • Loved the extended look at JaJuan Johnson in non-garbage time play. The kid has obvious offensive talent and even better than the shooting was that one bullet pass from the high post down to Garnett for the easy slam. Great look rook.
  • Solid game for Wilcox too. They both filled in nicely for Bass.
  • With that said, get well soon Brandon Bass. We'll absolutely need you.
  • I'd say that the offense looks pretty good with Rondo running it at full speed. 14 dimes today - and that didn't even tell the full story of the way he controlled the flow.
  • Another solid game for Avery Bradley as well.
  • This just in, Ray Allen can still shoot. (and Pietrus isn't too shabby himself)

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