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Garnett's "I Can Shoot 3's" Rant

I can pass this, but I can also shoot it.  Don't make me shoot it on you.
I can pass this, but I can also shoot it. Don't make me shoot it on you.

Kevin Garnett just went on a nice little rant about his 3 point shooting. Here it is transcribed by Jessica Camerato.

Listen, I can shoot 3's. Cut this, alright? Because I don't want anymore questions about this. I can shoot 3's. You all are acting like I'm 50 and I'm out here on one leg.

When I walk around the streets, you all can stop acting like you're shocked that I can shoot 3's. Everybody in Boston, everybody in the world, everybody in Minnesota, LA, wherever I'm at, Concord, Lexington, Burlington. I can shoot 3's. Let that go. I can shoot 3's.

Look, do not get all like, 'Shoot a 3!' I don't want that. Like, you know how they used to do to Scal? 'Shoot!' No, do not do that to me, ok? I'm not on the Celtics to be out here shooting 3's. I am here to do other things, not shoot 3's. But I can shoot 3's.

That's downright funny right there. KG is a proud man, I tell you. He does not want to be a sideshow act like Scalabrine (sadly) became in Boston. But honestly I've been waiting for him to take an extra step back and shoot those threes for a long time.

He's got that range and if he's going to take the worst shot in basketball (a step inside the 3 point line) and make it regularly, he might as well hedge a teeny bit outside of his comfort zone and let the shot count for more.

Yeah, he's not out there to shoot threes and in fact he's supposed to be playing more down low, but honestly I gave up that fight a few years ago. He's going to be a perimeter player and the 3 ball is just the next logical step. As long as he still brings it on defense, I'll be happy.

Update: added line from Forsberg:

KG on 3's: 'Stop acting like y'all shocked' - Boston Celtics Blog - ESPN Boston

"I don’t shoot 3’s because we have one of the all-time greatest 3-point shooters in history [in Ray Allen]. We have Paul Pierce, who has won the 3-point contest. We have other guys in here that can shoot 3’s. That ain’t my role here. My role is to get those guys open. And if they throw it to me -- shoot it, dunk it, pass it -- OK, cool. But I can shoot 3’s.

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