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O.J. Mayo Answers Questions About Boston

Nothing too Earth shattering here, but nice to hear from a prospective (restricted) free agent.

5 Questions With O.J. Mayo | Boston Celtics Basketball - Celtics news, rumors and analysis -

3. You are a restricted free agent after this year, could you see yourself playing in a place like Boston?

Mayo: Yeah sure. If there is an NBA team I’d be happy to play there. But right now my main goal is to play for Memphis and hopefully help get them their first NBA Championship.

4. Is there any stigma about Boston? In the past not all athletes have wanted to play in Boston, it took KG some convincing. Does that still exist?

Mayo: I’ve never heard of that. It’s always been one of the top organizations in basketball. Ever since you were a little boy start playing basketball you always heard about the Boston Celtics and Larry Bird, all the great players, it’s always been a great organization.

Not sure what else he was going to say, but it is nice that he said it anyway. At the very least, I'm sure his agent would love for us to drive up the price on the Grizzlies or any other bidders.

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