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As Always, It Starts With Celtics Defense

If there is one identity that has remained constant throughout the Big 3 era it is that they are a defense first group. They have won ugly, grind out games because of that defense. They win shootouts against high scoring teams because at some point they are able to turn up the defense and get a couple of stops and get the win. They win games where they played very poorly and had no business of winning because... you guessed it, of that defense.

So it was very concerning to see the team give up big point totals in the first few weeks of the season. That trend has reversed and that is a very, very positive sign for this team and their identity.

Celtics' Garnett puts a rap on 24-point effort - The Boston Globe

"For the most part, as of late, we’ve been winning games because of our defense,’’ he said. "Turning up the heat, defensively, man, it’s been causing turnovers - leads to easy baskets, offensive flow, etc., etc. "I’ve always said we’re a defensive team that scores the ball and I think we’re getting back to that. I don’t believe we are [now], because of practice times and things of that such. The timing of the schedule makes it hard to just create a rhythm. But, for the most part, defensively, we’re in a strong rhythm that we trust. "We’re back to being talkative as a team and it’s leading to easy baskets and better offensive flow. But, still a work in progress. But I think we’re happier with things that’s going on lately.’’

Just get stops and the rest will work itself out.

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